Don't Forget About the Fun


I grew up in a home which seemed to be ALL about order, yet I saw my good friend's house as ALL about the fun… 

So which house do you think I preferred to spend time at???? Of course my friend's house - because I could stay up way later than my bedtime, and I got to play Super Mario on this new-fangled video game system called Super Nintendo. It was a lot of fun! 

As I became a parent, I knew that I would naturally lean more towards ‘order’ because that’s how I was raised, yet I knew that it was important that my kids had plenty of fun too; so how do we ‘manage the tension between enjoying today (FUN) while equipping for tomorrow (ORDER)’? Here are a few practical suggestions...

  1. Keep fun and interactive games visible in the home, so especially when there’s downtime and the kids don’t have their devices available to them in a moment, they know (because it's in sight) they can always go to a cabinet, shelf or certain location in your home for something fun… like Monopoly, UNO, Phase 10, maybe a soccer ball or football that they can take outside and play together with you and one of their siblings. 

  2. Create Family Traditions such as 'Friday nights are always game nights' (to have an intentional evening to play the games I just mentioned) or Saturdays always include an outside activity (you can use the Parent Cue app [MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE A WAY FOR PARENTS TO EASILY DOWNLOAD] for the fun activities which go along with the Bible stories and verses your kids are learning at church). Maybe Sunday nights can be popcorn and movie night… the skies the limit!

  3. Be clear and gracious about guidelines especially when it comes to their use of electronics and devices so your kids can learn to have fun outside of those tools, yet be gracious so your kids see your love and not just your firmness.

'It's all about the fun' as Pastor Dan says here at Calvary, and that's because fun gives you an incredible opportunity to build a long-last and loving relationship with your kids - so what are you waiting for? Go love on your kids by having fun with them!

Praying for you as you do!
Pastor Doug