Having your back!

I still remember the good old days when my dad restricted our "technology time" to watching Growing Pains on Tuesday nights. Honestly, it wasn't all that bad because playing ‘Oregon Trail’ on our Commodore 64 computer got old after awhile.

Growing up and watching shows like that, it felt like any family or friend issue could be solved in 30 minutes or less. Don't you wish you could travel back to a less complicated time to parent?

Since time machines haven’t been invented yet (or flying cars for that matter), I invite you to check out this Family Ministry blog once a month. Within it, I will be providing both HOPE and HELP for the average Christian parent - YOU! 

You will receive HOPE from the Bible as the ultimate source of God’s truth, and from stories which remind you that you aren't the only parent struggling with challenges from technology. And, you will receive HELP as I fill you in on the latest trends which may impact your child or teen. Plus, this blog will provide you monthly with a helpful and inexpensive resource you can use to help your child, such as the free 'Parent Cue' app which will lead you weekly into teachable moments that will serve as spiritual encouragement.



Remember - you are not alone!

Pastor Doug

Calvary Church
September 2018


P.S. A few simple tips to help you and I be better digital parents...