Training wheels off, helmet on.

Do you remember the excitement of freedom you saw on your kids' face when they could bike anywhere by themselves because the training wheels were off? 

Personally, as a parent of a teen, I wish I could get those times back. Since seemingly overnight, they have transformed into teenagers, whose technology has become another appendage... I long for the days when they wanted my hand to hold.

Although we have to let our children grow up, it doesn't mean we shouldn't give them "protective gear" for the road ahead. Here are some suggestions:

1. Set a few clear and consistent expectations about matters which are most important to you, such as: 'No phone in their room during sleeping hours.' 

Check out this article for assistance as you begin to personalize expectations for your teen.

2. Model those expectations. Your kids will learn faster and understand better when those expectations are demonstrated by you. Remember - your kids are always watching 👀

As a parent with teenagers, it's easy to long for the days of training wheels and hand-holding, but as we discussed at the last Family Ministry Conference... Enjoy the phase your kids are in... even if teenagers can be a challenge! 

I would love to hear what expectations you use with your children and what challenges you face - Email me at



Remember - you are not alone!

Pastor Doug

Calvary Church
November 2018