Are You Prepared?

'After experiencing Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene while we lived in Pennsylvania, I was a tad nervous about moving to South Florida (go figure!). However, after enduring a few storms here, I have realized that the hard lessons (e.g., Hurricane Andrew) have encouraged our State to create systems that help us prepare for the worst.

hurricane image.jpg

Like preparing for a big storm, think about what practices you could put into place for your children as they approach their teen years. How can you be ready for the ‘hurricane’ known as 'adolescence?' Here are a few ideas to help you weather the storm: 

1. Start a fun, frequent, family tradition which fits you - For my family, it was being together for my mom's homemade pizza. We rarely missed a Saturday night all the way through our teen years. Consider what has brought your family together - a game, a movie or a meal?

2. Seek out friends who can support you - Plan to attend the ‘Parenting Teen’ Growth Group. We meet this fall on Sundays in the Student Room (3rd Service only). Click Here to Learn More

3. Cut yourself some slack! You will not just make mistakes, but you will get frustrated.
God has forgiven you so don't forget to forgive yourself. See Ephesians 4:32.

Do you have any tips or parenting success stories? Please email me.


Remember - you are not alone!

Pastor Doug

Calvary Church
October 2018