Stay Connected

There are many great ways to stay connected here at Calvary. Here are just a few of them!


Our Website

At, you can find our all the happenings at Calvary. For 1st Time Guests, it is a great resource to learn more about ways Calvary supports families in their walk with the Lord. It also lets you know the different ways you can get connected with events and serving. Our website also includes a tremendous Message Library.



Our Facebook page helps to connect believers with each other. From event participation to social involvement, it serves as a great place to learn more about how things are happening at Calvary. Our Live Services are available as well.



To see events at Calvary or to reflect upon the happenings, check out Calvary's Instagram. From reminders about special events to stories of great things happening, this is a great place to check out all that Calvary is doing weekly.


Calvary News

Once a week, the Calvary News keeps up-to-date information about Calvary Events. Delivered to your inbox every weekend, the Calvary News is a great resource to keep you informed!


Mobile App v2.0

Download our Mobile App by searching for “calvarychurchfl” in the App Store for either Apple or Android. It’s a great way to stay current while on the go!

For iOS users click me

For Android users click me