Fasting is a discipline Christian’s use abstaining from food to spend time concentrating on God to sustain them. Fasting can take place for a meal, a day or more. The desire is to spend more time with God, reading the Bible and praying.


  Why should Christians fast?

  • Jesus talked about fasting as something His followers would regularly do, Matthew 6:16 He says, "Whenever you fast…” notice there is a clear assumption that a believer would participate in fasting, it’s doesn’t say “If you fast…”

  • Fasting can grow your prayer life into a richer experience.

  • Fasting helps us navigate life’s difficult situations, repeatedly in the Bible we see God’s people fasting for God to help them.

  • There is no greater way to recharge yourself spiritually than to take time and fast.

  • You can be empowered by the Holy Spirit through intentional times of fasting.

How do I fast?

  • Set an intentional amount of time to focus on God and abstain from eating food, but be sure to drink plenty of water.

  • Take as much time as you can to pray and read the Bible. See Jeremiah 36:6.

  • Have a list of things you will be praying for; persons you want to come to faith in Jesus and situations that require Christ’ intervention.

  • Be purposeful to avoid watching movies/shows, being on social media but disconnect to remove any distractions from your time with God.

  • Be wise. You may have a medical condition that prohibits from fasting. Ask the Lord is there is another way you can participate. If you don’t feel right, stop fasting - remember it’s not a strongman competition.

tips for fasting

  • Fasting does not have to be for long periods of time, you can begin slow, with a meal or a day.

  • You should continually drink water to stay hydrated.

  • You may want to decrease the amount of caffeine you drink before a fast to avoid any related headaches.

  • Be sure not to overeat after you finish your fast.

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