Kevin Hall

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Creative Specialist

 love the Church. I am called to be an ambassador of the gospel to a hurting world. The best way to do this is through the local church, the bride of Christ.

My bride is the beautiful and multi-talented Alexis and I have the pleasure of raising our six children with her. Each of our children have their own unique story related to the larger story of our family and of the Gospel of Christ.

I love movies and I have also adapted quickly to the Florida lifestyle as I love snorkeling, kayaking and anything beach related. The heat doesn’t bother me when I keep in mind the Indiana winters that sometimes last into April snow fall.

I have served in many different contexts in many different churches, from worship ministry to facilities to video design and from church plants, traditional churches and modern mega churches. It is my honor to represent Christ in the work I do and the family I lead.

Calvary Church