Matt Vargas

Matt Vargas.png

Creative Specialist

I’m the biggest kid you’ll meet with a pretty decent beard to go with.  I was born and raised in Tampa (Go Lightning, Bucs and Rays!) and have always lived within the same 20 miles my entire life.  During my time in Tampa I became a junior at University of South Florida, became the Creative Arts intern at my previous church, a professional barista, interned at a local christian radio station and directed an award winning film!  Alright, so the film was a local film competition, but it still won an award…  Though somehow through all those activities God still managed to speak loud and clear that I was meant to be in ministry full time.  Through a series of events that can only be explained by the power of God, I ended up 3 hours away from home in an incredible church doing full time ministry using my talents and passion for Jesus. 

Calvary Church