Justine McGorry

Justine McGorry.png

Office Assistant

Justine McGorry oversees our Main Office Administration as well as supporting Women's Ministry.

From Justine: "My claim to fame?  Twins.  In a nutshell, that’s probably what I’ll be remembered for most.  I do have a Bachelor of Science from Barry University and 20 years Ministry experience and a heart for Missions and anything involving teamwork.  I’m told I have a natural giftedness for remembering names and faces. 

Growing up in NJ, I was the youngest of 6 children.  My parents did many things for us. We learned to snow ski, water ski, spent time down at the shore, vacations to Florida, and camping trips, canoeing and family reunions, swimming, theme parks. Sunday drives through NJ, NY, PA, day trips into NYC, girl scouts, piano lessons, gymnastics, crafts, cooking and baking.  All of these things that we were able to do as a family were amazing, but as a little girl growing up my heart was broken, hurt, non trusting. By the time I was a teenager I made poor choices. My grandparents and parents raised us to believe in God, but did not come to an understanding of His great love for me until My life radically changed out of darkness and into the light in 1994 when I learned God has a plan for my life John 1:12 and John 3:1-5.

I’ve traveled to the Middle East, NYC 9/11, Costa Rica, Austria, Italy, Cambodia and Israel with the Ministry and Missions, but I’ll be most remembered for loving my husband, Greg, our daughter, Emily Grace, and The Twins … Samantha Joy and Jacqueline Joy … and my heart for God."

Calvary Church