Jacob Brown

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Student Minister

Jacob Brown is our Student Minister overseeing the Middle School & High School Student Ministries.

From Jacob: "I’m the classic grew-up-in-a-Christian-slash-homeschool-family person. Growing up, I always had to know the “why” behind just about everything and would constantly attempt to bring other people (mostly my parents) onto my side of things; my mom even told me once that I could probably sell someone their own house because of my persistence and debating skills. Feel free to ask just about any of the students here; they’ll reassure you of my love for debate!

Going into ministry was lit-er-al-ly the last thing I wanted to do growing up.  As a senior in high school, I was planning on being an attorney. However, during one worship time at Student Life Camp in 2011, something finally clicked in my brain about how much God loves me. We were singing the lines, “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me,” and I completely broke. Soon after, I felt God calling me to help other youth find the same truth I had found in that moment and I knew that I wouldn’t have peace doing anything other than ministry.

I spent one year at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, transferred to Southeastern University in Lakeland for a year, then moved to one of their extension sites in Ocala for the last two years. This provided me the opportunity to work alongside the staff of a large church while earning my degree—BS in Ministerial Leadership—so I could experience the practical applications of what I was learning while I was learning it. Within a month of graduation, God brought my dream job, working with students and worship, and set it in front of me here at Calvary in June of 2016. Soon after, I became engaged to my best friend and love of my life, Brianna, and got married in April 2017!

I can often come across as a carefree, happy-go-lucky jokester…who am I kidding, I am! However, I also have a deep passion for philosophy and theology (remember how I like to debate??) and love to discuss mind-bending topics for the sake of greater understanding. While leading Student Life Camp 2017, my small group and I spent 2 hours one day discussing the concept of time as it relates to God, humanity, and salvation. How does time affect salvation?

Come ask me sometime. :)"

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