Natasha Robertson

Natasha Robertson.png

Preschool Coordinator

Natasha Robertson oversees our PreSchool ages birth through PreKindergarten.

From Natasha: "I have moved close to 10,000 miles since (middle school?), from London to Seattle to Florida. My life so far has been a series of BIG moves. Through this I have learned that each time God transitions me from everything familiar, major spiritual growth has happened, which has been the greatest part about the most recent move from Seattle to Florida, in 2011.

As a girl growing up in England, I prayed that I would someday be a mommy and a teacher. He heard and answered my prayers. Little did I know my future would be in America! I met my husband in WA and we have been together for 19 years. We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters Makenzie and Madilyn. I have always had a heart for children, serving and teaching, so I am thankful as preschool coordinator this combines my love of all.

Living in the Northwest for 20+ years, it has taken me a while to transition to Florida. I am learning to “like” the sun, understanding that it is “normal” for the sky NOT to be gray and that Dunkin Donuts, a place I assumed focused on fried dough, actually serves coffee?!  Who knew?"

Calvary Church