Cheryl Plourde

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Women's Ministry

Yes. Yes I do have 12 kids. Let's just get that out there. And I do homeschool them all. And I get their names right most of the time. I'm also the wife of Pastor Dan, in charge of leading and shepherding the women of our church. And I get their names right most of the time as well. I enjoy running (after my kids) and weightlifting (the younger ones.) Coming from a broken home and struggling through so many heartbreaks as a young girl, and then finding myself a divorced single mom when I was barely out of my teens, I would never have asked for, or expected, God to use me. But He has shown me that He's had a compelling purpose for every single turn of events in my life. Still does. He has called me to each of the roles He has given me to do AND he has fully equipped me to do them. (2 Peter 1:3) And He has given me a driving passion to encourage women in every phase of life to enter into and embrace the fullness of God's very specific purpose for their lives and be transformed.

Calvary Church