Pastor Dan Plourde

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Lead Pastor

I grew up in the church and would read the bible and would ask myself “what does this mean?”    In 1994, after seminary and being in the ministry for some time, I walked into a Calvary Chapel and for the first time in my life, I went to a church that taught through a chapter of the bible.  It was at that time, I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to me saying “this is what you are to do”.  Shortly after I went on staff at Calvary where I met Cheryl, and in 1997 we moved to Jupiter to begin Calvary Church.  

I have always believed God’s Spirit works when the bible is explained in a way that makes sense.  Together, God’s Word and God’s Spirit causes people to grow spiritually, and as a result, they want to run and tell everyone they know (like a good movie only better).   My passion is to reach the next generation and create mature believers through the teaching of God’s Word.

My undergrad is a BA in Social Sciences.  In Graduate School, I received an MS in Psychology and even worked as a Therapist in various places where I learned that I was not cut out to be a counselor. It turns out, I found my true calling to be a Pastor.  In Seminary, I completed the coursework towards an MA in Religion.

Some fun facts about me … I enjoy reading a minimum of 1 book a week. As a former Army Airborne (with 4 honorable discharges), I’ve always been drawn to adventure!  So as a family, our sport is Tae Kwon Do, where several in our family are Black Belts and the rest are working towards their black belts (and where I boast of having the worlds lowest and slowest kicks).   I love scuba diving, camping, weight lifting and anything that involves my amazingly gorgeous wife and our 12 children (yes 12).   My wife no longer allows me to ride motorcycles or jump out of airplanes.  Go figure. 

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