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Take Your Next Step in Faith

Our relationship with Jesus is a daily journey and our next steps are steps along that way that help us grow closer to Him. These steps can happen at different times and they can happen out of order. Some steps are daily practices while others are a single milestone along the way. While you read through each of these next steps, examine each one to determine if it has or is taking place in your life and ask yourself, “What is my next step?”

Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord

Almost everyone will agree that Jesus was a great historical figure, but as a Christian, we believe that Jesus is God. He came to Earth as a human, He sacrificed His life for us on the cross and three days later He rose from the dead! Accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior is the first and most important step of your faith journey.

If you have questions about how or what it means to accept Jesus into your life, watch this teaching to find the answers.  

Share Your Story

Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, you have an exciting story to share. It's like getting a new car or buying a new home; you're excited and you want to tell others so that they can be excited with you. You have a new life through Christ and it's time for you to share that good news with other people. We would love to hear your story and help you get started on your journey. 

Get Baptized

Baptism is going public about your faith in Jesus and communicating to the world your heart-felt commitment to following Him. It's the next step after salvation. To sign up to get baptized click here.

Read Your Bible

The Bible is the Word of God and it provides wisdom and instruction for everyday life. Reading the Bible should be a daily practice for all Christians. As you read the Bible, God will show you things about Himself, teach you what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and how you can better understand your purpose in life. Click here for access to a Bible right now!

If you don't have a Bible at home, be sure to ask an usher for a Bible this Sunday. It’s our free gift to you! Take it home, underline words or phrases, mark it up, dog ear pages, whatever you would like! We encourage you to take a few minutes every day to read it.

Prayer & Praise

Prayer is our way of talking to God and is also a habit that we should practice daily. When we talk to Him, it's like talking to your best friend. You don't access God by saying religious words or using special verbiage. You just talk to him. Ask him for help when you are hurting. Praise Him for the blessings He is giving you. We encourage you to set aside time every day to pray. If you have more questions about what prayer is and how to do it, watch this teaching!

Attend Church Regularly

Attending church should be routine for all believers. You don't have to be at church every time the doors are open, but you should consider being at church every opportunity that you can. Attending church is how you develop relationships with people who will encourage you to grow in your relationship with Jesus and where you can be an encouragement to others as well.

Join a Group

Aside from attending church, joining a group is your opportunity to expound on what is happening each Sunday. In a group you will make lifelong friends, have the opportunity to share what's happening in your life, and grow deeper in your faith in Jesus. Click here to see our current groups.

Find Your Place to Serve

The church is like a body, it can only operate at 100% when every part is working. God has given you unique gifts and talents and they are needed to help support the church. We get to use these gifts to work together and serve God’s purpose through our church.

There are many different opportunities for you to serve here at Calvary. Come find some great ways to serve with us here! 

Giving Financially

One of the major stewardship themes in God's Word is that money reveals our true priorities. We practice putting God first in our finances as a result of what God has done in our lives. This shows God is our true priority. You can give by texting CCJGive to 77977 or through the Give page.